A Nashville Meal

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll host three different sets of out-of-town guests.

Whenever we have visitors–after cleaning the sheets and straightening up the house, of course–my mind goes to one thing: food.

Options for good food in Nashville seem endless, but we must choose wisely when all we’ve got is a weekend to impress our guests. Sometimes, all we have is one meal.

To recognize the weight of these decisions, let’s start a regular series all about Nashville food. In these posts, you’ll find a complete meal, made up of courses from our favorite local eats. Here goes!

Appetizer: chicken tortilla soup at Mas Tacos

The broth alone is worth your trip. Topped heartily with pulled chicken, avacado slices, cherry tomatoes, cojita crumbles, cilantro, burnt corn, and homemade tortillas.

Main: roast beef at Arnold’s

The roast beef explains the line outside. Cooked to perfection and oh-so thinly sliced. Be sure to request au jus and don’t worry if it runs onto your mashed potatoes.

Dessert: coffee cream soda cake at City House

The best of all cakes. Rich and creamy icing, a strong gelato and the crunch of pie-crust crumbles only enhance this moist and flavorful cake. This is a dessert you experience.

Drink: lemonade at Vinh-Long

Lemonade with a distinctly lime taste. It’s refreshing and sweet, a surprise indulgence that pairs perfectly with Vinh-Long’s spicy menu options.

*Do you have a favorite place to eat at in your town? I’d love to hear!

**Photos by my husband, Eric.

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