Nashville Narrative: The Frist Center


I’d like to start a new series highlighting some of the best spots in Nashville.

Consider it less of a visitors guide and more like an email from your best friend telling you where you absolutely MUST go the next time you’re in town. To keep this series fresh and fun, I’m talking with locals about the places they frequent and what makes those spots so special.

First up: A proposal at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts as told by Christy Harvey.


Christy and her husband, Mike, began exploring the Frist Center more than 10 years ago. A regular date night destination, they also attend Frist Fridays, which Christy calls “a lively event with yummy snacks and music, laid back and not at all stuffy.”

On their favorite exhibit at the Frist: For our one-year wedding anniversary we decided to go to Paris. We love art museums, and one of our favorites that we visited during the trip was Musee d’Orsay. Unfortunately, the museum closed before we were able to see all of the most famous paintings.

A few weeks later the Frist did an exhibition on the birth of impressionism and brought in 100 of the top masterpieces from Musee d’Orsay! I loved that even though we weren’t able to see them during our trip to Paris, we ended up being able to see them in Nashville! Very impressive, Frist. Very impressive.

On getting engaged in a museum: Mike and I both love art and visited many galleries and museums together while we were dating. So, he knew he wanted his proposal to involve art.

We went on a trip to Chicago and visited an art museum. He tried to get them to let him hang his proposal art there, but they wouldn’t. When we got back, he talked to the Frist about it, and they were totally on board! They were very excited for us, and not stuffy like the other museum in Chicago.

On the big night: For our date, Mike took me to the Frist. Normally we spend time looking at and discussing the pieces of art. This time was different. Mike was rushing through the exhibit.

I asked him why he was in such a hurry, and he said that he wanted to make sure to get to one area before the Frist closed. As I walked into that area I noticed the staff seemed particularly attentive. They were smiling at me and saying hello.

On the question: I was immediately drawn to a piece of art on the wall that said “Will you?” I looked at the title and it said “…Marry me?” The artist’s name was Michael Harvey. I started laughing because that was my boyfriend’s name!

I turned around to point it out to him, and he was down on one knee holding out a ring. Then I realized what was going on. I was so excited, happy, and shocked! I never would have thought he could get a piece of art that he created for me hung at the Frist! It is one of my favorite life moments.



Wouldn’t you love to have worked at the museum that night? Such a sweet and funny moment!

In addition to thought-provoking art, the Frist Center also showcases live music, dance performances, lectures and an interactive gallery free to children 18 and under. The museum is located downtown, next to Union Station–a train-station-turned-hotel that is as beautiful inside as it is out.

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**Wedding photo courtesy of Christy Harvey. All other photos from the Frist Center

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