Motherhood is More

Baby bath time is my favorite.  

The squishy skin, curious eyes, kicking and splashing–it’s loads of fun. The best part, though, is when you scoop your little one out of the tub, wrap him up in a towel and listen as he coos in your arms.

Moments like these should be put on pause.

And so, one night after bath time, I sat with Henry on the couch and stared at his round face surrounded by a green terrycloth frog. It was just the two of us and it was wonderful.

Until he pooped on me.

This, friends, is motherhood.

When people ask what it’s really like having a new baby, this is what I want to tell them:

Motherhood is more that I ever imagined.

It’s more exciting and more terrifying. More rewarding and more draining. Easier to figure out yet totally confusing.

Motherhood brings instant community but sometimes feels lonely. It’s a daily dose of the brand new and the mundane. It’s more hilarious and then, sometimes, not funny at all.

Motherhood is a paradox.

Regarding the post bath-time cuddle, it can be oh-so sweet right up until it gets just plain gross.

And the love, my goodness, the love. Being a parent is, without a doubt, the most intense experience of my life.

Motherhood is more and I can’t get enough.


*What is/was new motherhood like for you?

**Years from now–buckled into the passenger seat with a 15-year old boy for a chauffeur–we’ll probably have a good laugh about how intense the early days felt. ;) 

(New to this blog? That’s okay! This blog is new. Look here for more information.)


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